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Every single life is colorful. Human, animals, plants, landscape as a whole ....


2018 Peninsula Art League Juried Show @ The Harbor History Museum
4121 Harborview Dr.
Gig Harbor, WA

Oct. 9 - Nov.30, 2018

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Handmade Field Easel - Prototype 2


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Last update of ‘Rush Hour’ [8/26]
I realized the top-right goat head spae was not right at this stage....    (more...)

INconsistency in value shifts [2/19]
I spent some time last night to refine the shapes on the pyramid mountain ...                        (more...)

Still in initial numbering game [1/25]
Still filling each block with colors with roughly similar values....          


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Poetic Imagination in Japanese Art, Oct 13 - Jan 13 2019 @ Portland Art Museum
PEACOCK in the DESERT, Oct 18 - Jan 21 2019 @ Seattle Art Museum.

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       Studies and Plein Air

  As an urbanscape artist William Wray suggests,
“...spending as much time outside as inside in order to capture true color and light...,” I throw my sketching and painting stuff as well as a digital camera 


into my car the drive away wherever I want to go that weekend unless it’s raining. It doesn’t mean I go outside every weekend especially in fall and winter in NW. You know what I mean...

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Monastery Beach

St. Mary Lake

Rush Hour


Two Medicine Lake

Last Warmth


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