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Every single life is colorful. Human, animals, plants, landscape as a whole ....

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Portland Art Museum
Rodin: The Human Experience
Jan 21 - Apr 16, 2017 exhibition of 52 bronzes by the groundbreaking French sculptor Auguste Rodin. .....commemorate the 100th anniversary of the artist’s death....
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Seattle Art Museum

John Grade: Middle Fork
Feb 10 - On Going

...Beginning by making a ful plaster cast of the living tree, the artist and a cadre of volunteers used this mold to recreate the tree’s form out of thousands of pieces of reclaimed old-growthcedar ...
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Tacoma Art Museum
Artists Drawn to the West
On Extended View, Closing in 2017

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Frye Art Museum

 CArchipenko: A Modern Legacy

Jan 28 - Apr 30, 2017

Inspire your inner explorer with the vast landscapes of the American west. From the Hudson River school to modernism, ...
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...Drawn from major museum collections and private holdings, the exceptional objects presented in this exhibition highlight Archipenko’s lifelong interest in abstration as a vehicle for innovation.....:
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