2016 - (Sep-Oct) Peninsula Art League Annual Show, 2nd place in paintings&sculptures
2016 - (Jun.) Kenmore Art Show, Honorable Mention
2011 - (Dec.) joined a co-op gallery,
Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, WA
2011 - (Aug.) Kenmore Art Show
2011 - (Jun.) Jim Lamb plein air workshop
2011 - (May) Mitchell Albala workshop
2011 - (May) Greenwood-Phinney ArtWalk, Seattle, WA
2010 - Kenmore Art Show, WA
2010 - Cast Drawing at Gage Academy, Seattle, WA (Spring quarter)
2010 - Ned Meuller workshop
2009 - Michele Usibelli workshop
2009 - “Color Bootcamp” at Pratt Fine Arts Center (Jan. - Mar.)
2008 - Solo show, Illusions, West Seattle
2008 - Solo show, Chez Dominique, downtown Seattle
2007 - Annual AWAA group show, ArtsWest Gallery, West Seattle
2007 - Group show, Bank of America, West Seattle
2006 - Annual AWAA group show, ArtsWest Gallery, West Seattle
2006 - UW iSchool group show, University of Washington, Seattle
2006 - Two artist show, Admiral Congregational U.C.C., West Seattle
2005 - Deanna Holdren pastel workshop, Daniel Smith, Bellevue
2003-2004 - Drawing and painting class: Level2, University of WA Extension
2003 - Joined ArtsWest Artist Association (AWAA)
2003 - Group show, University of WA, Seattle
2002-2003 - Drawing and painting class: Level1: University of WA Extension

When I started drawing and painting in a class room at night at UW (University of Washington, Seattle) I knew nothing about them. But soon I learned I loved creating art. I started with a very precise way of making shapes, but moved away from it once I realized playing with colors was far more interesting and what I wanted to do.

I’m always inspired by scenery and animals as a part. I see colorful lives in those subjects. I want to recreate them on canvas, or on papers, with lights that make those lives livelier and more impressive. To pursue this desire, I go to workshops and demos, and browse magazines, and watch videos and DVDs to explore different ways by different artists. But my works still tend to come out of a complicated mixture of accidents, rather than the result of calculated efforts for color contrast and harmony, value variations and light, and the composition.

I’m also trying to go outside as much as possible to study directly from the subjects, even though most of my finished works were created in my studio from photos.  Eventually I want to become skillful to finish pieces on site but that would be a totally different type of artworks. That would also limit the size of works, which I don’t like.  

Toshi Esumi
Part-time artist, started in 2002
Born in Japan, moved to the U.S. in 1995 
Primary media: oill   Primary subjects: landscapes, animals



Every single life is colorful. Human, animals, plants, landscape as a whole ....

Toshi Esumi


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